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The Obama administration just invoked the “state secrets” argument to get a case dropped that was calling for a review of the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program.

This move reinforces the unconstitutional Bush administration position that the government has the right to spy on people at home or abroad without any court oversight. Actually, it goes even further… Obama has essentially just let Bush, Cheney, David Addington and Alberto Gonzales off the hook. It gets worse: companies like AT&T who were involved in collecting that information for the government have been protected from legal recourse.

So apparently we have a right to privacy but no protections (legal avenues) to ensure the right is upheld. As long as the government doesn’t “willfully disclose” a citizen’s information, We, the People, have no legal way to stop the government from spying on us.

I’m not sure Obama’s pedigree as a Constitutional law attorney was money well spent. I was already dismayed at his unwillingness to investigate–or even allow Congress to investigate–the crimes that may or may not have been committed under the Bush administration. Regardless of political affiliation or beliefs, most Americans believe in justice and the law, but it seems neither will be served today or any time soon. It seems Obama has picked up a portion of Bush’s “Break-The-Constitution” playbook and, instead of ripping it into shreds and tossing it into the garbage, he is making a few plays of his own.

This decision to dismiss was unconstitutional enough, but adding protections to previous government programs and officials is… well, mind-boggling.


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