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Much to do…

There are tons of things going on in the world today.  Foremost, the aftermath of the earthquake that struck China’s Sichuan Province is massive and will require the world community to act quickly in order to fend off the looming threat of disease and famine that will result if aid does not reach those who need it most.  The link in the previous sentence is to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.  The site is equipped with the ability to accept online donations so there’s no red tape to wade through, no government coffers and filters to traverse.  Right now the death toll is over 12,000 and is expected to rise given the conditions of the province.

Elsewhere, Bush makes yet another public accusation about Iran sending weapons to Iraq.  However, as the LA Times reports, the accusations are hardly iron-clad.  For example, a scheduled press conference last week intended on exposing Iranian-supplied explosives was canceled because none of the weapons were actually from Iran.

Iran, on the other hand, is filing lawsuits against the U.S. and Britain because we gave financial support to a group that bombed a mosque in Shiraz.  Fourteen people were killed in the incident.

And of course, the junta continues to thwart aid workers and NGO’s efforts to get aid out to the people in Myanmar.  The current toll in Myanmar due to the cyclone is over 32,000, but the lack of aid getting to those that need it most will cause that number to rise sharply in the near future.

Ban Ki-moon: “We are at a critical point. Unless more aid gets into the country very quickly, we face an outbreak of infectious diseases that could dwarf today’s crisis. I therefore call, in the most strenuous terms, on the government of Myanmar to puts its people’s lives first. It must do all that it can to prevent this disaster from becoming even more serious.

There’s much more going on at the moment but I’m out of time for now.  I’ll be posting more on a few of the issues soon.


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